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Maid For Him.../Off The Beaten Path
Hoffmann, Kate.
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Harlequin Enterprises (Austral, 2014
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Bedtime Stories
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The Purest of Diamonds - Susan StephensWhen ice meets fire...!As the youngest of the famous Skavanga sisters, beautiful Leila has earned her reputation as the untouched Skavanga diamond-and is tired of it! It's time to start living her life, and who better to teach her how than gorgeous Spaniard Raffa Leon?Raffa has no problem mixing business with pleasure! Intrigued by her shy purity and enticed by her request, he'll ensure Leila enjoys everything life has to offer. But as her frosty facade gives way to an unleashed passion, Raffa realizes that there are consequences to playing with fire!Confessing To The Cowboy - Carla CassidySomeonehas killed threewaitresses at the Cowboy Cafe, and Sheriff Cameron Evans means to find out why. But as he works to solve the case, the hunky sheriff must push beyond his feelings for the cafe's owner. There's a murderer on the loose. Passion has no place here!For Mary Mathis, the crime is personal. Not only are the victims her employees, but they may be a sign of something deeper. Eight years ago,Mary came to Grady Gulch fleeing a violent past that scarred her for life. Now she has to discover ifthat history is dooming the women who work for her.Mary already knows it has made new love impossible - no matter what she may secretly desire. The Return Of Mrs. Jones - Jessica GilmoreOf all the places, Lawrie didn't expect to be celebrating her 30th birthday here - in the sleepy Cornish town where she grew up. And she certainly didn't expect to be celebrating it with her estranged husband, Jonas Jones! His devastating smile and edgy good looks still have the power to send her heart racing. But then,life is full of surprises...Seeing Lawrie again intrigues Jonas more than he's prepared to admit. Whilst he hasn't forgiven her, he can't say he's forgotten her either. And while they may not be teenagers anymore, there's no denying that sparks still fly between them.Primal Instinct - Janie CrouchA killer stalks the city streets, and one FBI agent
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