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The joy of high places
Miller, Patti, 1954- author.
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Sydney, NSW : NewSouth Publishing, 2019.

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v, 240 pages ; 24 cm.
They didn't know it, but Patti Miller and her brother, Barney, shared something in common - a passion for the illuminating joy of wild nature - with all its challenges and dangers. In this extraordinary and unexpected book, Patti tells the story of her own long-distance walking over hundreds of kilometres in Europe and of her brother's obsession with paragliding. During their shared childhood on a farm these siblings were virtual strangers under the same roof. As adults, a tragic accident changes their relationship. One day, Barney's wing collapses and he plummets to earth, breaking his spine. The story of his struggle to walk again intersects Patti's long-distance journeys, creating an intense narrative of determination and triumph. For Patti, walking is a radical act - a return to what has made us all human - that bestows a connection to wild nature and to creativity itself. But as she listens to her pragmatic and methodical brother tell his story, she learns that flying is his door to untrammelled joy too. She realises that she is 'meeting' him for the very first time. This beautiful and inspiring book tells that story and reveals that the siblings share a willingness to take risks and an indefatigable determination. Moving, honest and ultimately uplifting, The Joy of High Places shows us the world's wild beauty in a compelling and beautifully written account of family, finding meaning, and dealing with disability. A story of physical adventure and struggle, written with intelligence and rare insight into why we extend ourselves and why we take risks. This book is a thoughtful, philosophical exploration of how the natural world nurtures the creative spirit and how walking and flying open up the human soul. Highlights the raw beauty of the central Australian landscape in a walk around Uluru where the narrator learns more than she bargained for about the relationship between her stories and Indigenous stories.

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