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Doctor Who. The Sontarans
Holmes, Robert, screenwriter.
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Australia : BBC Worldwide : Distributed by Roadshow Entertainment, ©2018.

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1 DVD-video (186 minutes) : sound, colour ; 12 cm.
The monster collection
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Roadshow Entertainment : R-125614-9.
The time warrior -- The Sontaran stratagem -- The poison sky.
Take a trip through space and time to meet creatures and enemies that always come back for more... Contains two exciting adventures! The Sontarans are a short, battle-loving race from the planet Sontar. Bred for war, these cloned creatures have produced one of the most powerful armies in the universe. THE TIME WARRIOR is four-part adventure from 1973/1974 and marks the first appearance of the Sontarans in the series. Jon Pertwee stars as the Third Doctor. Written by Robert Holmes, Directed by Alan Bromly, Produced by Barry Letts. First shown: 15 January 1974 THE SONTARAN STRATAGEM and THE POISON SKY was first shown in 2008 and brought the Sontarans back to the new series to fight the Tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.

The time warrior: The Brigadier asks the Doctor to investigate the disappearance of several scientists, only for him to find they have been abducted back in time. The Doctor tracks the missing scientists to Irongron's castle, where Linx is using them to repair his spaceship and construct advanced weapons for Irongron. The Doctor escapes the castle with Sarah and Hal and must persuade Sir Edward to trust him before Irongron launches an attack on them. The Doctor attempts to return the scientists to their own time, before Linx tries to use his spaceship and destroys the entire castle. First shown: 15 December 1973 - 5 January 1974.

The Sontaran stratagem: The Doctor gets a call from onetime travelling companion Martha Jones with a request that he return to Earth immediately. She and the military have taken over the ATMOS plant and she needs his help after 52 people around the world all died simultaneously. All had the ATMOS anti-pollution device fitted on their cars so the military has raided the factory believing it to be controlled by aliens. The Doctor learns that the Sontarans are planning to take over the Earth. They take Martha prisoner and she is cloned. Donna meanwhile misses her family and decides to pay them a visit.

The poison sky: The Sontarans launch the attack with their poison gas slowly encircling the Earth. They've also taken the TARDIS to its headquarters but don't realise that Donna is inside. The Doctor realises that the Sontarans have cloned Martha. He knows that fighting the Sontarans is of little use as they never surrender and are prepared to fight until they win. He decides to try and burn the poison gas that now encircles the Earth and with the help of the Sontarans teleportation system, send them a little surprise as well.
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Doctor Who (Television program : 1963-1989)

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