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One step
Daddo, Andrew, author.
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[Melbourne] : Penguin Books, 2016.

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237 pages ; 20 cm
At 15, Dylan is struggling. He's struggling with his explosive acne that has declared war on his face, struggling with his pushy younger sister, struggling with his nagging mum and her lame and misguided attempts to 'connect' with him, struggling with his dad who never seems to have time for him anymore, struggling with his retarded old phone-me-down courtesy of Hamish Banning pushing him and his iPhone off Jump Rock into the harbour, and he's struggling with his constant preoccupation with sex combined with his complete inability to attract any girl. Struggling, but surviving. But when his English teacher reads out Dylan's creative writing piece to the class, revealing him to be a sensitive and perhaps promising writer (though in some classmates' opinion, pretty gay), it sets off a chain of events, including unlikely interest from a few hot girls and a viscous physical and verbal bullying attack, which sends Dylan on a frantic roller coaster of emotions culminating in a revelation that could make or break his survival.

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