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Cover image for The Cold War. Part 2, The Cold War escalates.
The Cold War. Part 2, The Cold War escalates.
Disney Educational Productions film producer.
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Eight Mile Plains, Qld. Disney Educational Productions Distributed by Marcom Projects, ©2014.

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1 DVD-video (18 min.) : sound, colour ; 12 cm.
ABC News classroom edition

ABC News classroom edition.
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Catalogued from container.

Marcom Projects : 6ACTCW02.

Part 2 of 5 of "The Cold War".

Classroom edition includes: Scene selection ; Printable educator's guide with pre- and post-viewing questions ; Customised activities ; Web links to Internet resources.
Watch the Cold War unfold and witness its impact on American and Soviet society and economy. Provide compelling visual images and firsthand accounts to augment student understanding of the relationship between the global superpowers from the end of World War II to modern times. In Cold War Begins : Explore the genesis of the Cold War, beginning with the ‘new world order’ created by World War II. Hear Winston Churchill coin the famous phrase, ‘Iron Curtain.’ Analyze diplomatic responses to communism, from the Truman Doctrine to NATO, and assess the crucial role of atomic weaponry ; In Cold War escalates : American’s fear of domestic communism in the McCarthy hearings and Rosenberg trial. See international tensions increase as Eisenhower and Kennedy grapple with Cuba, the Berlin Wall is built, and Sputnik initiates the Space Race ; in Cracks in the wall : Nixon’s pivotal 1972 visit to China, his summit with Brezhnev, and SALT I illustrate the new policy of détente. Changes emerging within the Soviet bloc are viewed through the Helsinki accords, Poland’s solidarity movement, and Perestoika ; in Fall of Communism : The limitations of diplomacy and arms control are evident at the Reykjavik Summit of 1986. Romanian, Czech, and Lithuanian reforms set the stage for the Berlin Wall’s destruction and the subsequent dissolution of the Soviet Union ; In Post-communist Europe : Examine the destabilization of Europe after the fall of communism: ethnic and religious strife in Chechnya and Yugoslavia, crime in Russia, and economic divisions in reunified Germany. Watch the seeds of liberty flower as countries hold their first democratic elections and religious ceremonies.
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Not rated.

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