Suggestions for Purchase Guidelines


All suggestions for purchase will be considered for purchase if they fall within City of Parramatta Libraries Resource Management Guidelines and are subject to budgetary considerations.




  • Titles published within the last 2 years or being published in the next 2 months.
  • Some older titles, where they are deemed of interest to our wider reading community or they fill a subject gap.
  • Titles which have general broad appeal and are currently popular.
  • Titles with current information. (NOTE: old publications where information is dated WILL NOT BE PURCHASED). Newer titles in the same subject field may be considered.
  • Titles which are available to purchase from approved ‘Local Government Procurement’ suppliers.
  • Requests for magazines and periodicals will be considered on an annual basis.
  • Limit of five (5) requests per person per month.



Titles Generally Not Purchased


  • Academic works or textbooks.
  • Expensive, rare or fragile items.
  • Ephemeral material e.g. maps & globes.
  • Items only available inappropriate formats e.g. Kits, mini books.
  • Items prohibited by law.





  • Please check our ‘Library Catalogue’ before submitting a suggestion.
  • Check author and title details are correct. Suggestions with insufficient information will not be considered.
  • The timeframe for supply is dependent on availability and delivery schedules, generally anywhere from four (4) to six (6) weeks.





  • Reservations will only be placed on suggested titles if this option is selected on the ‘Suggestions for Purchase’ form. Please note that each reserve will be included your maximum of ten (10) reservations.
  • Alternatively, you will be notified via email or a message will be left on your library card, that the title has been ‘placed on order’ and can be reserved via our Library Catalogue when you choose.
  • When we are unable to satisfy your suggestion, you will be notified by email or a message will be left on your library card, within fourteen (14) days with a brief explanation.