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National Science Week 2017

12-20 August 

Illusion portrait of a young man 

Science Discovery and Afternoon of Illusion are booked out, but you can still join National Science Week! Take a Brain Break with some of our quizzes, fast facts and easy experiments.

Curious how visual illusions trick the brain? Take a look at these three visual illusions, and find out how they work as your brain tries to make sense of the world. Which direction is the man facing in the picture on this page?


Lightbulb explosionTime for the first Brain Break! How many questions can you answer in this quiz?

How did you do? If you're ready to challenge your brain again, here's the second quiz.


Try some easy science at home with these quick experiments & fast facts.

Got younger children at home? They can be scientists too, with our science experiments for younger children.


Still want more science? How about taking part in an Australia-wide Citizen Science project? Each year, National Science Week provides an opportunity for everyone to contribute to a real science research project. Sometimes participants have provided the data (for example about how much sleep they get each night or how much noise they live with during the day) and last year more than 50,000 people helped to categorise 3 million wildlife images in just five weeks. In 2017, we are tracking our smartphone addiction.