Recommended Reads

Want to try reading on a theme? We've put together lists of some books we like and enjoy. Choose a theme, then click on a book you like to reserve it!

Recycling Reads

Want to know about rubbish and recycling? We've got all you need to find out how to better use the items you might throw away. Stories, craft and educational books for babies to young adults!

Funny Aussie Reads

Do you love books filled with humour, ridiculous characters and out-of-this world situations? So do we! Did you know that Australian authors are world-famous for their humour? Here's some of our favourite funny books. For ages 6-11.

Spies & Mysteries 

I spy with my little eye... some awesome books that feature spies! After a little mystery? Not sure what to read next? We've picked twelve of our favourite spy and mystery books for you. See if you can solve the puzzle before they do! For ages 8-12. 

Magical Books

Already read the Harry Potter and Percy Jackson series? Try some of these for another magical adventure!